Rob made me realise how much work we still had to do on our pitch and he helped us improve our investor presentation immeasurably. If we had found ECF Solutions earlier, it may well have helped us complete our funding round as we would have had a better understanding of which platform was most appropriate.  Petre Norton VP Bergen Capital, London. 


It was Solar 350’s opinion, that there was really very little downside and significant upside in utilising the services of ECF Solutions / Rob Murray Brown.

In our experience, we could have saved a lot of time and effort in working with Rob earlier than we did as this funding arena is a bit of a minefield filled with many that really are not “in the know”.

Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending the services of ECF for companies looking to raise funding.

Nicholas Dimmock

Managing Director

Solar 350 Ltd

“We’re on it” best three words I’ve read so far in all of this blog.
Turns out Crowdcube et al were not the champion of the ordinary investor after all; you were.

Anon - investor

Just to say, thank you so very much for the work you are doing here.

MP - Investor

Huge fan of the blog, it has been very informative. Thanks!

SB - Tech Company Founder San Francisco USA

As an avid reader of your blog I am forwarding a “Drag Along Notice” I just received from ********. From what I understand this is a forced sale of shareholders equity resulting in a staggering 83% loss.

MB - Investor

Reading your blog has been such a relief and revelation. It also confirms that I have not been going mad over the last five years. It is almost a therapy session.

And you are providing a valuable service against all the PR hype and bandwagon self publicity and money the platfroms spend on lobbying government officials.

AH - Investor

We employed ECf Solutions to help with our £500k equity crowdfunding campaign. Rob Murray Brown, ECFs founder, has a wealth of knowledge that anyone using this funding channel should tap into. ECF prepared our pitch deck, consulted on our valuation and helped with the projections and the video. They also helped us right through the live campaign.

I would certainly recommend their services to any company wishing to have a go at equity crowdfunding.


Happy Finish Group Ltd Stuart Waplington Co Founder and CEO Happy Finish Group Ltd

“ECf Solutions provided invaluable counsel through every stage of the equity crowdfunding effort we recently helped develop for a major UK client. While equity crowdfunding is simple in theory, it can be difficult to know what will work and what won’t for your specific raise, and how to handle specific aspects of the total ecf campaign. That’s where ECf Director Rob Murray’s unique expertise and guidance come in. They made all the difference in ensuring a focused and compelling ecf submission.”



Arena Partners New York Peter DePasquale, Partner, Arena Partners – a New York based brand development firm that works with numerous SME’s

“I wish the FCA would take more heed of your blog”

CEO of one of the leading Equity Crowdfunding platforms

“Fantasy Equity Crowdfunding is required reading for anyone interested in ECF”

An investor

“I have been involved with ECF since it started in 2011 and I like Rob’s down to earth approach. Companies using this funding channel should seek out his services to ensure a successful campaign”

James Manning, entrepreneur and ECF investor

“Robert has been a fount of accumulated knowledge and trustworthy advice which will help make anybody’s pitch to an ECF platform go according to plan.”

Existing client with ECF campaign about to go live

What is ECF

Equity Crowdfunding is a new way for SMEs and Start Ups to raise capital by selling equity to the crowd online. Its has grown exponentially since it started in 2011 and is free until the point of the equity sale.

About Us

We have 30 years experience with SME business development and have been involved in ECF since it first appeared in the UK in 2011. Our in depth knowledge of how to run a successful campaign is second to none.

Our Services

We offer an end to end ECF campaign service, allowing you to maximise your chances of raising capital using this new channel. We operate with very low upfront fees, so any impact on your cash flow is minimised.

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