Is Harry Brompton’s Crowdcube pitch over valued?

Posted on Posted in ECF

Simple answer is yes.

There is a debate running on the pitch which hasn’t come to any conclusion. However the proof surely is in the lack of traction this company has enjoyed in its ECF campaign. We have seen this before and we can tell you they will drop this valuation if you hold firm.

The company has strong listings, a sound sales base, a new product pipeline and a potential brand winner – so why are they being so stupid?

There is no comparison between them and Brewdog or Camden Brewery, as they would have you believe – not at the moment. And it is at this moment that people are being ask to risk cash to invest. So value the company at a level that reflects where you are now and which allows investors the thought of making a few bob, or you will get nout.

We blame Crowdcube, who have inflated valuations to fanciful heights in the past 2 years. Ignoring the constant drip of collapsed businesses they have helped fund, those who are still out there are without exception over valued. So when they come back for more, as two current pitches are now doing, they have to hike the value again making this return campaign so much less likely to succeed.

Like most of you, we are longing for the day when some professionals get involved in the UK equity crowdfunding scene and run these cowboys out of town.