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I had a comment posted by a Chris yesterday, on our other blogsite. Quite aggressive and very rude but it made me think  – so why am I doing this?

There are various reasons and they keep increasing the more I do.

Despite what Chris said, I have run several of my own businesses from start up, some successfully and some not. In fact for 35 years that is what I have been busy doing. I know the difference between failure and success and bullshit and the truth. That is one reason I do this – to make sure that the ECf platforms cannot get away with the lies they have been stringing people along with. The evidence we put out here is all factual, backed up by filed company accounts.

Having started the blog, I came across a few people who enjoyed it and so carried on. In the early stages, I had no intention of making this a commercial venture. However, as luck would have it, people liked the approach and started asking me for advice. So the blog has been the the driver for ECF Solutions Ltd, which is about to launch its first ECf campaign.

Recently it has become clear that businesses cannot trust the advice given to them by the ECF platforms. Good businesses have failed to complete their campaigns and will now have to live with that failure – Pact Coffee and The London Cocktail Company are two good examples. Poorly put together campaigns and over valuation will lead to failure. Half of the current pitches on the UK’s largest ECf platform have been forced to reduce their valuation by the lack of investment. Most of these will still fail.

Also as a result of the blog, we had approaches from several papers and websites asking if we could write for them. Hell yes, if you pay us, we said. And they did.

So our blog, which Chris has so ridiculed, has now produced two sources of income and started a new business for someone who had semi retired. I have to say I’m loving being back in the saddle Chris.

I had no idea what content marketing was before I started this. When I did my Cranfield MBA the internet was just getting started. Now I have it for breakfast every day.

So if you thinking of an ECf campaign, do get in touch – it’s free.