We are on a Road Trip to Crowdfinders

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We are travelling. Going to London for the Crowdfinders event and to meet with clients.

The hope is that the gathering of most of the UKs ECf sector in one space will give everyone a chance to find out what is really happening – not the PRing version but the real one. And of course we will be letting you all know what we think next week.

Meanwhile, it looks as though another Crowdcube success story maybe in trouble. Jam Vehicles raised £165k but are now very late with their accounts and have had a GAZ1 stuck on them. Of course this maybe just because they are so busy that their accounts are now 3 months overdue.

An increasing amount of what we read on the UK ECF scene shows a distinct split in attitudes. Two totally different and non convergent views are emerging – it all depends at which end of the telescope you are standing. Those in the industry seem unable or unwilling to be frank about its very obvious flaws and those who view it from the outside with scepticism seem equally unwilling to see the enormous potential benefits if we can get it right.

Somewhere in between is the answer. Time to open up some minds.