You dont need to fail with Equity Crowdfunding – if you talk to ECF Solutions first.

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We were contacted recently by an Equity Crowdfunding pitch that was live on Crowdcube.

You don't want your campaign being derailed.
You don’t want your campaign being derailed.

The pitch wasn’t doing very well and it was immediately obvious to see why. They asked us for advice but why would we give them a freebie when they hadnt bothered to contact us beforehand?

Nothing essentially wrong with the company but they had made a couple of fatal errors in the way they had presented it.

As we write they are almost certainly going to fail to even get to 50% so they will get nothing and this failure will sit on the internet for years. Crowdcube clearly had given them no advice about what are very obvious flaws in their plan – but I’m sure you will not be surprised by that.

So don’t take the chance; we offer a free service with the payment only due after you have raised the money. What have you to lose?