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Our expertise includes a whole host of entrepreneurs and business contacts whom we have gathered as friends and associates in 30 years of running businesses across the UK. This network is ECf Solutions' bedrock.

Rob Murray Brown, the company founder, has a long history in start ups and early stage business growth – he can still remember the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X and telex operators. Working for Jardines as a shipbroker on leaving the University of St Andrews in 1982, he went on to trade his own rice and timber accounts in the Far East before creating the niche retail chain Ware on Earth. This he grew to 8 outlets including a flagship store on the Kings Road, London before selling the company in a JV with a Florence based import/export house. Businesses as diverse as satellite mapping and Festival and events management have given him a wide range of skills, which he now puts to use helping others.

Being an entrepreneur is what first attracted him to Equity Crowdfunding as an investor and now as a consultant helping companies create their own successful campaigns.


A Cranfield MBA ensures excellence.
Our reputation is for straightforward honest advice. We will not waste your time.
30 years in start ups and SMEs - we know how to make this work for you.

Since 2011, when ECF started in the UK, Rob has been following the platforms, tracking well over 1000 pitches and following the outcomes of their success or failure. This has given him an in depth knowledge that is second to none. He runs a well known blog called Fantasy Equity Crowdfunding, writes ghost blogs and is regularly asked for expert opinions on the topic by a range of papers like the Financial Times, Times, Daily Telegraph, Glasgow Herald and Wall St Journal.

When not penning his next piece or analysing a company's ECF campaign, he can be found on a course or two. His love of golf is second only to his love of business, his family and his garden.

His only regret is that the internet wasn't around in 1985.

He holds an MA Hons in History from University of St Andrews and a Cranfield MBA.