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SME Funding
We help you complete your equity crowdfunding.
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Our services are paid for after you have funded.
Bespoke service
Our knowledge of equity crowdfunding is second to none and we use it for your own particular requirements.

2 in every 3 Equity Crowdfunding campaigns fail. We can greatly improve your chances of success. We understand SMEs and start ups and how to run a successful ECF campaign. We offer a very lean and efficient service to help you make the most of your chances of raising capital via this new channel. We are totally independent of the ECF platforms. Our deal with you is based on a mutual understanding that neither party wants to waste the other's time and money. So we have very small initial fees and only if you raise the funding do we then take a small percentage of that total. The impact on your cash flow is therefore minimal.


Rowing Boat
We'll guide you calmly to success

Phase 1


We look over the business, its market, its management and its potential in terms of ECF and produce a short report with our conclusions on whether this is suitable option for you. If it is not an option then we will recommend the next steps to help make it one or suggest alternative funding avenues.


Phase 2


If P1 is successful, we will then carry out a more in depth analysis of how an ECF campaign might run. This will include consulting with you on;


Analysis of similar ECF campaigns


Size of raise


Equity offered


Exit strategy


All financials


Business and marketing plans


Due diligence


ECF platform options

Live Campaign


Once the platform is chosen and the plans all drawn up and finalised then we help you launch and run the campaign. For legal reasons we do not negotiate or deal directly with the ECF platforms.

ECF campaigns typically run for 2 months and it often comes as quite a shock to entrepreneurs just how time consuming they are. You need to be on the curve at all times, ready to address forum questions promptly, speak one to one with investors, send out business plans, update the campaign with developments and most importantly arrange and deliver a killer presentation to potential investors. This presentation is a vital part of the campaign and is arranged with the ECF platform. We can help with its formatting although we don't take part in the presentation.

In 5 years of watching campaigns succeed and fail, we have learnt about what to do and what not to do. We know how to restart a failing campaign, when to push and when to hold back. This knowledge will be yours to use to help you complete your pitch.

For fees and a free initial consultation please contact us directly on info@ecfsolutions.co.uk




Steering boat
We'll steer you through your ECF campaign

Content Marketing


We also write a well known ECF blog fantasyequitycrowdfunding.blogspot.co.uk, ghost write blogs for ECF platforms and can be contracted to help with Content Marketing for most businesses.